Respecting Women


I’ve seen so many men out there who have no respect for women, much less for their own wife or girlfriend. I have issues with this especially because I watched my step father beat my mother everyday hitting her even with belts and extension cords. 

As a kid it was very traumatic to my siblings and me particularly I because I was very close to my mother. 

I know today, that real men don’t do it that way. I believe that in today’s society one of the most important values we can teach our children is to have respect for the opposite sex. No matter what a female does she is still a woman, most importantly a human being.

As a real man and father to your wife or girlfriend you should always show the appropriate respect to her in front of your kids. We only have to look at statistics; so many women out there suffer verbal and physical abuse and people turn their heads because they say “It’s Not My Business”.  I will tell you right now! It’s everybody’s business; there should be a public outcry against this terrible travesty. Women have begun to question their own self-worth and worthiness.

Every time my step-father got drunk he would find a reason to beat my mother, that’s a poor excuse. You have no right putting your hands on a woman.  Children mimic what they see and we realize most young boys want to be just like their dads. Our children learn from personal experiences if we as men can begin to teach our sons to value themselves, then of course they would learn to value others. As a father you should be embarrassed when your son picks up this habit. We should thank God for women everywhere they are unique individuals. My mother died in 1998 and I miss her so much, she did the best she could with what she had to work with. Even though she drank, she made sure we ate, had clean clothes for school and the house was cleaned; those are the healthy memories I have of her.                                                     Why would you want to beat your woman into submission? It doesn’t make sense and if it doesn’t make sense then it’s not right.

My message is simple, we need to stand by these women, if we don’t stand for something we will fall for any & everything so stand for what is right. There is power in unity and if we stand together then we can begin to change the attitude of those who believe its okay to abuse women.  Our live and what happens to it should be our decision nobody has the right to put limitations on another human being. I will also say to the women who are in abusive relationships, “What’s Love Got to Do With It.” Don’t ever rely on someone else for your happiness because only you can be responsible for that part of you.  I truly believe that a relationship between men and women is the most powerful tool for growth but only if you compromise and only if you listen to one another.  It takes two to make that happen; growth also demands change and if you love her like you say you do then your heart should see what’s right and what’s wrong. 


Sergeant Matthew Douglas Goodin