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I want to write about a subject that’s close to my heart. I have a daughter that suffers from mental illness her diagnosis is Paranoid Schizophrenia along with a drug addiction to Crack Cocaine. Due to her dual diagnosis it has made it extremely hard to reach her.

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 I can remember coming up in San Francisco, California, my younger siblings and I had to walk to school, it was at least 2 miles from our house.It was a group of guys always standing in our way as we trotted along they always stop us and took our lunch money.
They slapped me and my brothers and said you better not tell anybody.
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I’ve seen so many men out there who have no respect for women, much less for their own wife or girlfriend. I have issues with this especially because I watched my step father beat my mother everyday hitting her even with belts and extension cords. 

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Gaining Ground believes that addiction is related to a number of factors that are influenced by psychological, environmental and social factors.  Gaining Ground organization and director, Dale Ray Smith's philosophy is based on the theory that numerous internal and external factors may prompt addiction.
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