We believe that the formula for an ex-offender to succeed outside of prison is housing, employment and most important a positive support group and staying away from old lifestyles, people places and things. At Gaining Ground we mentor men, women and high risk teens; we have implemented a program that significantly lowers the risk of an ex-con’s re-offending.

We like to tell the guys that many of us are recovering addicts and ex-offenders but now it’s about giving back and if you want a second chance you got to show society you deserve it.  Gaining Ground is able to go into the jails to speak to the men and women; our message to the inmates is as soon as we learn that we are the masters of our fate, the quicker we learn to apply those skills in a positive way. We tell them that “yes”, when you get out you will still be a convicted felon.” Our question at Gaining Ground is not what you have been but rather what you elect to be.

Our counselors do the best to inspire these men and women coming out to believe in themselves and to realize we all have the power to move in the direction of our dreams and goals. Our program will offer counseling, vocational and employment skills along with life skills and referral resources.   
A lot of our clients feel good about making amends; it’s about giving them a second chance  it helps them to change things around and we as a society need to break down myths that people can’t change.


Sergeant Matthew Douglas Goodin