A Tribute to Police Sergeant Matthew Douglas Goodin



     Often I reflect on the friendship that Matthew and I had when he was alive and I wanted to let the world know how much he meant to me. Without him being a part of my life, I would most likely be dead from drugs and alcohol.


     I remember when I was homeless and sleeping in a dark alley on the streets of San Francisco many times he would bring me food, clothing, blankets and a pair of his own boots and this continued for 11years until I got clean and sober. His thoughtfulness always made my dark days a little brighter. I could only hope to be half the man that he was because of the encouragement that he gave me every time he seen me it helps me to make a difference in someone else’s life today.


I remember the times Officer Matthew came to see me as I slept on a cardboard box he constantly encouraged me to get up and take that step to recovery. Although he took many years, he never gave up on me. It is so rare to find a friend with whom you can trust with your innermost thoughts but also one who will not judge you for who you are or have become.

     I want to take this opportunity once again to say, thank you Sir. I can truly say that we had a true friendship I miss him so much his support and insights, when I could not see pass my crack addiction. “His dying has not been in vain” because today I speak in jails, prison, recovery programs, high schools etc. As I speak to these men, women and youth, I always bring your name up and say to them as you have said to me “You can pick yourself up by the bootstraps.”


     It is during this time of reflection that I think of him, I’ve learned so much from this police officer. Officer Matt was my hero and I appreciate the attention he gave to me when I was in the battle of my life because he let me know that I could beat this addiction and I begin to talk myself out of self-defeating attitudes.


Thank you Officer Matthew Douglas Goodin for being the wind beneath my wings and I will never forget you.

Dale Ray